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monitor & talkback control, multi-input selection


The Grendel is a high end monitor controller, input selector, talkback system and more. A fully analog through-hole active design, the Grendel brings you quiet crystal clear audio with all the flexible features you need in one box.


All Analog Design. Nothing Digital, No Converters, No Software or Drivers to worry about.


Many monitor controllers you will find on the market today offer a lot of what you don't necessarily need, which adds to the cost and sometimes sacrifices the quality. We set out to design the BEST monitor controller for working studios and engineers today at a cost that is affordable.  Providing you with a high end piece that will provide you with many years of service at a moderate price.  We have included the most useful features possible within the confines of a 1RU 19" rack.  No software that needs updating, no computer needed, no onboard converters.

We kept it 100% analog for a crystal clear audio path.



1 x Unbalanced input (A) with level trim and front/rear connectors.

3.5mm (1/8") Input for use with products like your Apple iPad or your Android devices.

2 x High head room +4 balanced inputs (B and C) with level trim on C input.

3 x Balanced (or unbalanced) control room speaker select outputs (A, B, C).

Perfect for comparing your mix to commercial mixes. Or Pre-mastered to Mastered program material, etc.

On board talk back system with control room monitor dim.

Talk back remote foot switch input (foot switch sold separately)

Isolated talk back signal connectors on rear.

2 onboard head phone outputs with very high current amplifier

Rear panel headphone line output (with talk back) for feed separate headphone amp.

Quality Alps brand volume controls with excellent tracking.

Reliable through hole components through out and easily replaced rotary selector switches.

Hardwired +4 balanced Straight wire 'thru' (from input B to out B Thru)

Mute Left and Mute Right switches and Mono function.

Internal jumpers to set speaker output gain to optimize volume control operating position.

Internal jumpers to set on board head phone as "engineer" monitor or "talent" fold back.



  • Frequency Response; 3Hz to 210kHz (-3dB)

  • Harmonic Distortion; 0.001% @ 100Hz, 0.001% @ 1kHz, .005% @ 10kHz, 0.018% @ 100kHz

  • L to R Crosstalk; -90dB @ 1kHz, -70dB @ 10kHz

  • Maximum Input Level; A input +24dBu, B and C inputs +30dBu

  • Maximum Output Level; +26dBu

  • Headphone Amp Output; 24 volts peak to peak into 100 ohms.

US Street Price $1995

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